Sunday Worship Services

We are overjoyed to announce that Cornerstone resumed in-person services July 4, 2021 with a new 10 AM start time at the same location prior to the pandemic. i.e., Perspectives High School – Joslin Campus.

At this time, there will not be a second hour or any other programs. We ask that all families stay together in the worship service since nursery and children’s church will not be available.

In-Person Reopening Guidelines


  • We will follow CPS health policy.
  • A health screening form must be filled out prior to arrival every Sunday.
  • Everyone must wear masks.
  • A security guard will be conducting health screening.
  • The first row will be moved back 9 feet from the worship team.
  • The chairs will be set up in various configurations to the numbers of our groups in the congregation allowing for separation between the groups.
  • Single chairs in the back will be available in the back, and some spare chairs for latecomers.
  • Please be aware that everyone will have different levels of comfort with the current state of the pandemic. Be considerate of personal space, handshaking, and so forth.

Sunday Guidelines

  • We encourage consumption of snacks/food, and socializing outside.
  • There will not be any nursery, children’s church, etc. All families will stay together for the entire worship service.
  • We will only use the main meeting room, the 2 washrooms, and the 2 classrooms that are side by side (where the nursery used to be, and the room to the right of the nursery). No one is allowed on the 2nd floor or any other area not designated for our use.

Live Stream Service

Livestreaming will continue as part of our normal worship service on our YouTube Channel.

Past Live Stream Services

If you happen to be here and our next live service is hours or possibly days away, here’s our worship service from last Sunday.

What to Expect at Sunday Service

Learn more about our Sunday Worship Service.

Connect With Us!

If you’re new to the church during the pandemic, we haven’t had a chance to meet you. First, “Hello! and Welcome!” If you’d like to get connected, to see some faces and get to know us, please contact [email protected].