Small Groups

In the history of Christianity, significant spiritual growth has almost always been associated with small group involvement. Although the relationships formed in them may endure for decades, small groups tend to last at most for a few years. That is why we encourage you to find your spiritual home and your long-term friendships in a Community Group. For spiritual growth, we encourage you to join one of our discipleship small groups. We have four types of small groups at Cornerstone.

  • The Life Group typically meets from house to house, 2-4 times a month, from September to June and is led by a trained layperson who receives continued oversight and support from our ministry leaders and pastoral staff. Group meetings are normally two hours and include time for worship, Bible discussion, accountability, and prayer, as well as informal times to build relationships with others in the group. Many groups also participate in service projects or social events.
  • The Growth Group meets weekly for approximately 10 weeks, studying a particular topic of the Christian walk, and offering support, encouragement, and guidance to help believers work through difficult stages of life from a Biblical perspective. This group is led by a seasoned layperson and receives continued oversight and guidance from the pastoral staff. If you or someone you know are having difficulty coping with a particular situation or season in your life, please speak with the pastor or an elder to find out more about joining this group.
  • The Foundations Group is held during second hour on Sundays and exposes new believers to the perfect harmony of the truths of scripture. Topics covered include: The Authority of the Bible, God, the trinity, man salvation, sin, and the sacraments. If you are new to the faith or if you just need a refresher in sound doctrine and theology, this is the group for you!
  • The Seeker Group is led by one or two Christian layperson and is a community of non-Christians who gather regularly to explore the history of Christianity, Bible topics and other spiritual matters.


Please contact Pastor Calvin Robinson or an elder for further information about any one of our current groups.