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Jesus Christ Is Lord

Matthew 22:41-45 Jesus Christ is fully man and fully God. But how can this be? Its a great question. One that stymied the Pharisees, and a question that still cannot be adequately answered to this day. Even though the Lordship of Christ is mysterious, yet it is the most sacred, beautiful truth in all of scripture. By His Humanity He is able…

A Different Kind of Man?

Hebrews 4:15 Last week we discovered by the Word, that Jesus Christ is fully human. He is human in all aspects just like us, except Jesus did not sin. Why is this? How could Jesus Christ be fully human without sin? Is sin a natural part of the human experience? Can Jesus Christ be the savior of humanity if He did not…

The Historical Christ

1 John 1:1-3 Who is Jesus Christ? Today it seems this question can be answered a myriad of ways, depending on one’s most strongly held values and interests. But Jesus Christ is not merely a concept or a worldview. Neither is He a symbolic, fictional figure whose life only conveys a moral code. Jesus Christ is a historical person, who lived, walked,…

Never Again!

Romans 6:8-10 He is Risen indeed! And Christ is risen for all time. Death has no more power over Him. And we who are in Christ, who have partaken of His resurrection power, we need no longer need fear death. For just as Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, so will we!