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Pastor Calvin Robinson discusses the role of mentoring relationships in the Christian life as one of the Finer Things described in Philippians 2:19-24. (Apologies, it appears that the very end of the sermon was clipped off for some reason)


Pastor Calvin Robinson discusses the middle stage of the our faith–the process in which we are being sanctified, and the part that we play in that process. Join us in Philippians 2:12-18!


Pastor Calvin Robinson continues in Philippians 2:1-4 on the topic of unity, and being unified in spirit, while not thinking in exactly the same way. In this way, where Jesus-followers are, we are all consistently reflecting God’s Kingdom!

Fruitful Labor

Pastor Calvin continues in Philippians on the topic of the tension between doing the kingdom work of Jesus in this world, or being with Jesus in the next. If you ever despair in your life, or feel hopeless or directionless, this message is for you!

The Finer Things

As we grow more and more in Christ, we develop a deeper knowledge that enhances our ability to discern between what is good and what is best. Our values become more refined and we develop a more refined taste for spiritual things. In the Book of Philippians, Paul introduces us to the finer things of the Spirit in order to whet our…

Simply Risen

Our Lord led a life of simplicity. After His resurrection He continued in the same vein feeding, comforting, instructing, caring. Though He has undergone the pains of death and struggle. And though He has firsthand experience of raising from the dead, Jesus appears surprisingly ordinary as He resumes His role as provider for His disciples. He makes them breakfast! Such a mundane…

Deny Your Self

Jesus calls us to deny the self, but what does that entail? Let’s take a closer look at the implications of self-denial to discover it’s many manifestations in our own lives, so we can be conscious to fulfill Christ’s command. The Self is the part of the mind in which natural instinctive impulses and primary thought processes manifest themselves. The fundamental human…