Women’s Ministry

Women’s Fellowship — Connecting as Sisters

Women’s Retreat

Ministry Vision

The purpose of the Women’s Ministry is to encourage each woman to love and serve the Lord with her whole heart, mind, and soul; and to love another.

Ministry Goals

  • To build up small groups where women can grow in their walk in God and form deep relationships.
  • To establish mentorship – i.e. Older women teaching younger women, passing on biblical
  • To serve those in need in our community.

Our ministry holds quarterly events for women to gather as a group to do fun things and fellowship with one another. These events include clothes swap, cooking, women’s retreat, etc. These events also serve as outreach opportunities for our women to invite others to come and learn about Jesus.

We strongly encourage each woman to join a small group. A small group provides a safe space for women to share intimately with one another and grow in their walk with Christ.