Sermons from March 2022

My Shepherd / His Sheep

David’s wonderful depiction of shepherd/sheep motif serves as an excellent reminder of God’s providence and our dependence upon Him. The Shepherd rules – The Sheep ObeyThe Shepherd Guides – The sheep followThe Shepherd protects – The sheep trustsThe Shepherd provides – The sheep is content We rejoice because the Ruler is our Shepherd. And if we trust Him completely, He will lead…

The Collection For the Saints

I Corinthians 16: 1-24 I Corinthians 16 summarizes the first 15 chapters of I Cor. and sets practical ways for the Corinthian church to live out their lives in a God-honoring way. Paul ends I Corinthians with a list of to-dos that are meant for the church’s edification and growth in spiritual maturity. Three areas we can glean from the text for…

We Will Be Changed!

When Jesus Christ returns for us, we will be changed.From perishable to ImperishableFrom mortal to ImmortalDefeated to Victorious This faith causes us to be steadfast in our walk, and in our labor of love. Because we are assured that our labor is not in vain!