Sermons from September 2022

Ministry Example

In preparation for ministry the minister should have had a faithful ministry example. The cherubim serve this purpose for Ezekiel. By their appearance and by their actions they exemplify the minister’s disposition, and those qualities of character that every minister should aspire to. Some of these qualities include: 1) Relatability2) Readiness and mobility3) Steadfastness and stability4) Awareness of limitations As you look…

A Spiritual Experience

The spiritual experience differs for each individual based on a number of factors surrounding:The scope of ones ministryThe depth of one’s woundednessand one’s resistance to spiritual things. As we explore the call of Ezekiel (1:1-4), and consider the context of his calling, we can understand why his call was so unique. Though each call is unique, God’s calling in Ezekiel’s life and…


Pastor Calvin Robinson finishes our series on The Finer Things from Philippians 4:10-19, discussing how Paul advises how the believer should be content in all things.