Romans 14:10-23

Our greatest hope for one another should be that each of our walk with Christ would be easy. Not only should we hope this, but we should put forth every effort to make one another’s journey with Christ as convenient as possible. We are careful to create a safe and peaceful environment where each of us can grow without interruption.

We foster such an environment of peace by withholding final judgement upon one another.

We contribute to peace by being cognizant of the weaknesses and opinions of one another, and by accommodating one another’s weaknesses as best we can.

We maintain communal peace by restricting our own liberties if it will help our brother or sister feel more at ease.

Love suffers all things. When we love one another we become willing to give up everything for each other. Even things that are benign. It requires maturity and humility to become this kind of believer.

All of us should strive become the kind of person who holds the world so loosely that we can give up whatever is necessary to make the Way easier for our fellow travelers.