Sermons from February 2023

Our Seven-Fold Justification

Romans 5:1 Because Justification is one of the “heart-words” of our of the Christian faith, it is important for us to have a Biblical understanding of this central theme. Do you know what the Bible teaches concerning justification? The Bible teaches us that justification comes: From GodBy GraceBy the Blood of ChristBy Christ’s resurrectionBy FaithBy Your Words, andBy Your Works

Hope Against Hope

Romans 4:16-25 The faith of Abraham is described as “Hope against Hope”.Hope against hope believes that God can give life to the dead.Hope against hope believes that God can call things into being that do not exist.Hope against hope does not waver at the seeming impossibility of what God has promised.Hope against hope praises God in advance!Hope against hope is certain that…

No Room to Boast

Romans 3:27-31 We have been justified according to the law of faith. Our faith is a gift from God and therefore we have no right or reason to boast because of it. Our faith is apart from the law. Yet, though we are justified by faith, we do not abandon God’s law. Paul says we establish it instead.

The Boundless Goodness of God

Romans 3:21-26 God is good. His goodness exceeds the standard of His law inasmuch as He Himself cannot be compelled to be as He is.God is good to mankind apart from the law. He Himself is not bound by the law, and by His sovereign will He can choose to consider our worthiness aside from the law. He does this through Jesus…