The Boundless Goodness of God

Romans 3:21-26

God is good. His goodness exceeds the standard of His law inasmuch as He Himself cannot be compelled to be as He is.
God is good to mankind apart from the law. He Himself is not bound by the law, and by His sovereign will He can choose to consider our worthiness aside from the law. He does this through Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is the revelation of the goodness of God.
Because of the goodness of God we are justified by His grace.
Because God is good we are redeemed.
Because He is good, God exercises merciful restraint and declines to punish us for our sins.
For us who are under the law, it would be unjust to call bad men Good. But the goodness of God is unfettered by the law. Thus His merciful determinations are just.
He justifies all who put their faith in Jesus Christ His Son!
We have every reason to praise the boundless goodness of our God!