A Stone Of Stumbling

Romans 9:30-33

Only a small remnant of humanity will be saved. Only a few will inherit eternal life, though the majority are convinced they will make it in.

A great majority believe that their faith will save them. While the other half believe they will be saved because of their works.

Somewhere between faith and works there is a Rock. And while men run to and fro between faith and works, they ignore it. But that jagged and obtrusive Rock is the only way to salvation.

No matter what moral position you take or how you claim to believe, that Rock will offend you. That Rock will challenge you, no matter how good or how evil you may be.

You will never believe strongly enough. You will never do good enough. But if you can believe that Christ is enough, abandon your quest for immortality, and rest on Him, you may be one of the few.

The rest of humanity will continue to stumble over that Rock, taking offense to its presence. But you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.