Distinguishing of Spirits

1 Corinthians 12:4-10

Jesus Christ has invested His church with self-sustaining spiritual gifts for the purpose of growth, edification, and the common good of all it’s members, and for the good of the world.
Each of these gifts is ordained in Christ’s church to provide a particular service to the Body. And every one of these Spirit ordained services produces God’s desired effects upon it’s recipients. The primary purpose of God for all His children is that we would grow without hindrance or delay.

The Holy Spirit is both the essence of, and the power behind each of the gifts.
One of the spiritual gifts Christ has delivered to His Church is the gift of distinguishing of spirits. It is the ability to see through and beyond external presentation, and forming judgement based on that insight.

This spiritual gift is designed to serve both an offensive and a defensive role within the church. By it we may defend those who may be under spiritual attack, praying with precision against specific spiritual entities that may oppress, discourage, or block fellow believers from accomplishing God’s will. By it we may also see through to the blockages and bondages that hold an unbeliever captive, giving us insight into how we might provide counsel and guidance, allowing them to participate in their liberation from the powers of darkness.

This spiritual gift is best recognized and licensed only to mature believers as it does require a high degree of subjectivity. Those who are of clear conscience, upright character, and proven love for Christ’s Body are best suited to exercise this spiritual gift.