I Owe You Love

Romans 13:8-10
Humanity is indebted to one another. We owe each other love.

It is both humbling and amazing to know that God’s greatest desire for us is that we would care for and nurture one another. Not for His sake, but for our own.

Love is the debt every person owes the other. Unfortunately, it is the debt least often paid.

And how must we repay?

1) By exercising patience with one another
2) BY being kind to one another
3) By being humble toward one another
4) By looking out for one another’s best interest
5) By exercising restraint when we are wronged by another
6) By forgiving one another
7)By being honest with one another
8) By not speaking ill of one another

This is the debt we owe one another. If we pay this debt we will have fulfilled the whole law.

We will not be saved by fulfilling the law. But as we love others, we ourselves will find greater freedom. God is Love, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom!