It Is What It Is

Romans 9:6-13

Paul had difficulty reconciling the promise God made to Abraham, with the then present reality of Abraham’s descendants. He felt a closeness to the Jews because he himself was a Jew.

Paul had a few theological options he could have employed to explain away God’s decision, or to dilute its meaning. But Paul knew it would have done no good. Therefore he accepted what God had done to and toward his kinsmen, and he called God’s determination just.

God is just. Whatever He does or has done, He is right.

Just like Paul, we are living in a day where the “rightness” of God’s actions and decisions, as described in the Bible, are being called into question. We must not employ clever theological tricks, or doctrinal schemes in order to cause God to align with our own sense of morality. Our morality is immoral to God.

God is just. We must choose to accept His determinations about His world, no matter how we may feel about them. God is just. The way His apostles and prophets reveal Him to us is accurate. And when we find ourselves rejecting their plain revelation concerning Him, we should simply repent and embrace the truth as it is presented in scripture. We must choose the apostle’s inspired interpretations of the acts of God, over our preferred renditions.