Love Eternal

Nothing in this world will last forever. Every flower that blooms will eventually fade away.

Nothing in this world will last forever. Neither treasure nor triumph, not talent, and not even time! These are all temporal things.

The spiritual gifts Paul had been discussing in chapter 12, they are all temporal things as well. So inferior are they to the realities of heaven, that Paul describes them as “childish things”, that in the end will also be done away with.

There is only one thing in this world that is not temporal. Only one currency that spends in earth as well as in heaven. Love. God is love.

The person who loves is the most mature among all believers, no matter his spiritual gifting. While one gift may be greater than another, love is greater still. The quality and value of any spiritual good is measured based upon it’s durability.

Love is the most durable of every spiritual good.