Peace With God

Romans 5:1-2

“If any two men desire the same thing, which nevertheless they cannot both enjoy, they become enemies” — Thomas Hobbes
God and man have been at enmity since the Garden of Eden, when our first parents usurped the glory that belongs to God alone.
Since Old Testament times God, through nature and circumstance has emphasized His displeasure with sinful humanity. While sinful humanity, through sin and rebellion blasphemes God continually. God and carnal man are at war. It is a war God could have won by force at any moment.
But by grace, God “blinked” and sent His Son, Jesus Christ into the world to represent God to man, and man to God. Christ has reintroduced us. He has clarified God’s position and demonstrated a profound grasp of our needs.
By faith in the message Christ has shown us by His words and actions on behalf of God the Father, we are inducted into the grace of God that leads to eternal life.
We have concluded that the glory belongs to God alone. And the glory He has given us is the privilege of being His sons and daughters.
Now we have peace with God!