Romans 1:8-15

As leader of most of the world, Rome set the standard in nearly every sphere (social, political, and religious). News of the faith taking root in this world center reverberated around the globe. Conventional wisdom would dictate that if one wanted to build big, he would build in Rome!

But what we learn from this text is that man’s thoughts are not always God’s thoughts. Man’s strategy is not always in alignment with God’s plan.

Paul wanted to visit Rome for all the right reasons. But God denied his request time and again.

The lesson:
Human passion is not the best indicator of the will of God for our lives.

God often reveals His will to us in very practical ways. We should not allow the noise of our passion to drown out the still small voice that bespeaks God’s will for our lives.

Humble acceptance of the will of God, even when it doesn’t seem to line up with our own vison, will lead to lasting fruitfulness as we lean into the assignments God has given us.