Simply Risen

Our Lord led a life of simplicity. After His resurrection He continued in the same vein feeding, comforting, instructing, caring. Though He has undergone the pains of death and struggle. And though He has firsthand experience of raising from the dead, Jesus appears surprisingly ordinary as He resumes His role as provider for His disciples. He makes them breakfast!

Such a mundane task of making breakfast seems so far beneath one freshly risen from the grave. Yet our risen savior is more than willing to condescend and keep it simple.

On this Easter Sunday lets keep it simple. Lets take the time to unwind. To immerse ourselves in the beauty of every passing breath. And to enjoy the wonder of our new life in Christ.

This is a simple assignment. To rest and take nourishment is one of the most precious benefits of our new life in Jesus Christ. To not overcomplicate our lives searching endlessly for the next challenge or another thrill.

As you try to find your place in life and ministry. As you struggle to master some unruly facet of your sinful nature, I hope you will also be supremely conscious of the voice of the Lord within, calling you to “Come and have breakfast!”