The Hallmarks of Integrity

Ruth 2:1-9

A good name is better than gold. The believer who has integrity will find favor both with God and with people.

In our text we are introduced to Boaz, a man of reputation among his peers, as well as his servants. He is a man of integrity.

He desires the best for his friends
He is diligent in his business
He is kind to strangers
He is honorable
He loves what is good
He respects integrity in others

Ruth is also an honorable woman.

She works hard.
She does not feel entitled to what does not belong to her.
As much as possible, she is self-sufficient.

Believers should practice being people of integrity. To say what we mean. To be faithful to our commitments
To recognize and reward the integrity of others as often as we can.

May we be as whole-hearted in our daily lives as these two excellent examples!