Pastor Calvin Robinson begins a new series from the book of Romans.

“If I was stranded on an island and could only have one book of the Bible, it would be the Book of Matthew. If I could have two, the second one would be Romans!
Theologically rich. Spiritually deep. Settling to the soul. Romans is a book about God, His Gospel, and it gives us a detailed description of the contours of salvation and our faith.
In his greeting, Paul puts forward his credentials as a sanctified slave of Christ Jesus.
He presents the scripture as belonging to God and therefore holy.
He presents Jesus Christ as fully man and fully God, with His resurrection as infallible proof of His divinity.
He reminds us that Jesus Christ is the Mediator of grace by which we have been called into His kingdom and given a place in His service.
We are His beloved. He calls us saints.
Grace and peace belongs to all who receive this message.”