Calvin Robinson

Sermon Series: Journey in the Psalms by Calvin Robinson, Aug 28

Join us Sunday, August 28 in a new sermon series by Calvin Robinson as we gain insight for life through the expository teachings of the Psalms. The Psalms are rich in theological content to help us know the God whom we serve, while at the same time rich in human emotion, helping us to put our joy, pains and confusion into words. The Psalms reassure us that we are not alone in our struggles or in our worship for victories He has won for us. They encourage us to see that we are indeed compassed about with a great cloud of witnesses!

Calvin Robinson, the National Director of Business Development for Moody Radio, is called to support Chicago area churches by communicating the timeless good news of Jesus Christ and all that it means for our lives and times. Calvin also hosts Reflections w/ Urban Praise on the Urban Praise Channel weekdays 9 pm – 12 am (CST). His ministry philosophy is, to do all we can with what we have, for as many as possible, to the Glory of God in Jesus Christ!