Ugly Winning

Joshua 10:12-14

52% of vehicle accidents occur within 5 miles from home. The last leg before victory is always the most grueling and difficult. This natural fact is also a spiritual reality.

When we feel like we have used up all our energy, that last mile can seem quite distant, and we can despair we do not have the stamina to make it to the finish.

But victory is still within our reach! By the grace of God, and persistence of faith we can still win the race. Even if it’s an ugly win!

To win ugly is to achieve victory after putting in a lot of effort and unglamorous technique and enduring many hardships or overcoming many obstacles.

The elements of an ugly win are:

1) Tenacity
2) Simplicity (Keep first thing first)
3) Discernment
4) Focus

May 2023 be our year of Ugly Wins!