Palm Sunday, Apr 5

I am looking forward to seeing and sharing with you tomorrow for our Palm Sunday Celebration through the preaching of the Word and Communion!

I would like for us to take time to reflect upon the sermon text for tomorrow found in Psalm 118:25-26. It is a beautiful This Psalm is referenced by the people as Jesus triumphantly marched into Jerusalem in Matthew 21:9.

In the midst of this debilitating crisis, and disarray. some of you may feel a bit defeated, like there is no answer to our present situation. But take courage. Christ is not defeated! By faith we can see Him arise in the center of this storm, and we will see Him triumph over this as He has also solidly triumphed over death once for all!

God Be Praised!

We are asking the head of each family to prepare the Passover meal for his/her family. If you are single, you should still prepare your sacraments and participate in this ceremony together with us all. I do not know of a time in history where the sacrament resonated so much with all of us than in this present moment.

We will partake of the sacraments after the sermon response song.


Break a slice of bread into small bit-sized pieces enough for each family member to have one piece

Fill glasses with small amount of grape juice (or other dark juice), one glass for each family member

Serve the sacraments (Bread and Wine) to each family member,

The other leader of the house should serve the sacrament to the head of the house then together I will lead us in receiving the Body and Blood of our Lord in accordance with His command “Do this in remembrance of me”.

God Bless You All!